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Issue 3 published September 2006

Here's a taster of some of the articles featured in this issue. If you are not already a member of the Institute of Hospitality and would like to read the full article click here to subscribe.

Turning the tables

Karen Hanton, CEO of online restaurant booking service, discusses her rise from the rural backwaters of Aberdeenshire to the top job in restaurant cyberspace.

If there was such a thing as a parallel universe, Karen Hanton would be there enjoying a rural life on a remote Scottish farm, living in a crofter’s cottage and married to a ruddy-faced farmer….

Care Catering: Who cares wins

When the National Association of Care Catering held its annual conference in Leicestershire this September, malnutrition and recruitment were two big issues on the agenda….

Management: Crisis? What crisis?

Just how do you cope when the worst happens? Graham Smith, founder and managing partner of The Twelve Consultancy, reveals all…

Crisis? What crisis? The three words that brought down a government – supposedly uttered by the then Labour prime minister, James Callaghan during the so-called ‘winter of discontent’. These words were actually crafted by a Sun journalist. Within weeks though, Callaghan was despatched to the political wilderness by voters and the words remain an iconic reminder of a government that had failed to grasp the precariousness of its position….

Talented People: Caines is able

Michael Caines is not your typical ‘celebrity’ chef. He has a touch of class about him and his food is up there with other notable culinary masters including, of course, that other ‘celebrity’ chef – although he strenuously denies such status – Gordon Ramsay.

Chefs, like playwrights, novelists, game show hosts and television presenters, drift in and out of consciousness, sometimes disappearing completely off the radar. Right now, Caines is back in prominence thatnks to his partnership with hotelier Andrew Brownsword and a new chain of ‘boutique’ hotels called, quite simply, Abode….

Small-Medium-Large: The Common Denominator: Perseverance!

What’s the trick to earning money in the contract catering business? Hospitality speaks to Wilson Vale, Charlton House and Compass to find out….

Careers: Making the grade

Three university graduates prove a solid education is key to successful career progression within the hotel and catering industry. We track their route to the top…

Education: Laying the foundations

With 15 per cent of the sector workforce not holding any qualification at all, Angela Maguire, regional development manager at Foundation Degree Forward, explains the training needs of tomorrow’s managers…

Sustainability: In the green corner

An environmental seminar in Norwich helped Vanessa and Les Scott box clever on their Swaffam boutique hotel’s environmental policy…

Legislation: Forewarned is forearmed

In October 2006, new rules came into force concerning fire prevention in non-domestic premises. What does this mean for you?...

Technology: Advance to Mayfair

IT director, Iype Abraham, lets Hospitality in on the technological advancements in place at the Radisson Edwardian Mayfair Hotel in London…

Trends & Statistics: Winners versus losers

Hoteliers throughout the UK are feeling the pressure of cost increases and are experiencing reduced profitability as a result…


Issue 3

Issue 3 Hospitality Magazine